Welcome to Teal Toes!

Our mission is to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

How?  By painting your toenails teal, the ovarian cancer color.  By getting your friends to paint their toenails teal too, and then by talking with people when they ask about it, to make sure that they know the signs of this whispering killer.

Any time of year is good for teal toes, but we especially recommend September, the ovarian cancer awareness month!

Teal Toes is soliciting proposals to redesign its web site. Please see our Request for Proposals, and contact us if you're interested in submitting a proposal.

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition published Caroline Little's survivor story. Read it to learn about our Executive Director, why she's passionate about raising awareness of ovarian cancer, and how she wants to expand the conversation.

Teal Toes has chosen Caroline Little as our new Executive Director. Caroline starts now to lead Teal Toes' work of raising awareness of ovarian cancer, so it can be detected at its earliest and most treatable stage. She has a background in social work and management, and is an ovarian cancer survivor. We're excited to begin working with Caroline.

Please see our press release for more information about Ms. Little and Teal Toes.

Teal Toes is a partner member of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Ovarian Cancer National Alliance