Pick a Polish!

We are often asked where to find teal polish and which kind to use. At this time we are not recommending just one.

The prices of the polishes listed below range from $8 down to $1 for the tiny Sally Girl bottle. All can be found at stores such as Ulta, Target, Sally Beauty Supply, drug stores and nail salons.

OPI is most often found in salons. Please visit our spread the word page for suggestions on asking your local salon to support Teal Toes by stocking the polish.

Some of the things we have found:

  • Teal is "in"! There are so many polishes we have been told about!
  • You get what you pay for-- the salon brands last the longest.
  • "Teal" is a difficult concept. Individually, these all look fine. Held up next to each other, you can see that some are more blue and some more green. We compared to an ovarian cancer jelly bracelet.
  • Try it on. What looks very blue in the bottle might be teal-er when you put it on.

Beauty Judy has fabulous photos of many of the teals mentioned here!  Check it out!

Diamond Cosmetics -- I was contacted a few months ago by the folks at Diamond Cosmetics. They have just come out with their newest shade "Don't Teal My Heart Away" and are donating 25 cents per bottle sold to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. I have tried this color twice. It is good quality, lasts and is a very true teal. It is flat. I recommend it, especially for those who do not want a sparkly polish.


Diamond has a private label division that can help to put your organization's logo on the polish bottle. Use them for give aways and other promotional activities! We have some with the Teal Toes logo-- if we ever set up a store....


Barielle's new Wildflower Collection donates all proceeds to OCRF.  Purchase directly from OCRF's store.  See Beauty Judy's shots of this collection.

Priti Polish is supporting Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month with their Tulip Tree Teal.  They are donating 10% to Nancy's List.

Karma Organic Spa is also carrying the "Don't Teal My Heart Away" and donating 20% to NOCC.

OPI "Teal the Cows Come Home" NL B54 -- A favorite of many of our testers

Nicole by OPI "Blue Lace" NI 171 -- very similar to the OPI. Greener colors are "Respect the World" "Global Beauty" and "It's Up To You"

Sephora by OPI-- new! Check out the "Ocean Love Potion" (flat) and "Mermaid to Order" (frosted)

Boys in the Bottle "Tony Teal" #31

Avon Nailware Pro Nail Enamel in "Textured Teal" 859-841.  This color has NOT gotten rave reviews.  While it looks teal in the catalog, the real polish is WAY too dark.

Color Club "Bizerk Turq" FP04-- a tad blue but very nice. FLAT Try also "All In" from the Poker Club collection.

Funky Fingers from 5 Below  This one is also called "Bizerk Turq" FP04 but is a tad greener than the Color Club one (they are distributed by the same company).

Creative Nail Design "Hotski to Tchotchke" #333 Too green, but gorgeous.

China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise"- on the green side. "Shower Together" looks very teal. "Custom Kicks" has also been recommended.

Orly "It's Up To Blue"

Piggy Polish "Polar Sea Ice" -- on the blue side. Flat- only a tiny bit of sparkle. Goes on VERY easily.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear "Marine Scene" #23 -- a favorite of the testers. Try also Pixel Perfect -- part of a collection called "High Definition"; sparkly but darker than Marine Scene

Sally Hansen Laquer Shine "Flash" 04 -- on the blue side

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Blue Streak" (12)-- our tester loved the "tealy" color. We've also heard good things about the color of "Teal Takeoff"

Sally Girl (from Sally Beauty Supply) "Dumped" #812048- Despite the name, really nice. Tiny bottle (.18 oz) for $1.

Finger Paints "Put Your Feet Up" 806772- on the bluer side.  "Art Dealer Teal-er" 806197- pretty right on teal.

Savvy (bought at Sally Beauty Supply):

  • "Totally Teal" Too green
  • "Electric Blue" More teal looking on.

Wet n Wild Wild Shine "Caribbean Frost"

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish #819 "Green With Envy" -- green but not too green

Claire's stores sells a Marine Blue that is a nice teal-y green. Also check out their "Mood" polish in Peaceful/Confident which changes between a bluer and a greener teal with temperature.

Revlon "Tropical Teal" Quite sparkly.  On the blue side.

Maybelline Express Finish-- no name, just the code WE252.

Cover Girl Continuous Color "Electric Blue" #132 -- not a favorite

NYC Testers do not recommend this one.

Want teal nail art on top of another color?

It's So Easy Stripe Rite-- color 698761.  Very fine brush.  Intended for use on polished nails.  Would be perfect for a ribbon on top of another color-- say pink for BRCA awareness.

Purchased in Europe

Boots "Stay Perfect" in Totally Teal (#115)-- a dark, flat teal.

Boots "17 Fast Finish" in Peacock-- light and sparkly, on the blue side.

Gosh in Ocean (540)-- light and sparkly on the greener side.