New VP for Youth Outreach

Welcome our new VP! Samuel Fitzmaurice Schulman, age 12, begins youth outreach for Teal Toes.

Teal Toes, a national non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, is pleased to announce the newest member of our board: Samuel Fitzmaurice Schulman, age 12. Sam will serve as a Vice President. Sam plans to focus on outreach to youth who have family members with ovarian cancer, and to all youths wishing to put an end to this disease, to work together toward our common goal of better early detection and a cure.

Teal Toes encourages everyone to: paint their toenails teal (the ovarian cancer color), talk with others when they ask about it, and make sure people know the signs of this whispering killer. To facilitate this, Teal Toes freely distributes wallet-sized symptom awareness cards to all who request them; so far, we’ve distributed more than 400,000 cards worldwide. Teal Toes also provides, through an original community grant from the HERA Foundation, free salon packets -- including posters, table tents and symptom cards -- for local pedicure parties to raise symptom awareness and raise funds for basic research.

All who attended the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA) 2015 conference in San Diego, California, already know Sam well. On July 24th, Sam accepted on behalf of his mother, Carey Fitzmaurice, the Cindy Melancon Spirit Award in 2015, which recognized Carey’s exceptional commitment to ovarian cancer education and advocacy through Teal Toes. Carey founded Teal Toes in 2007, when Sam was four years old.

Carey had remarkable energy. She lived with ovarian cancer for nine years, and during that time Carey focused her energy and her personal story as the voice of Teal Toes. Carey died on June 15, 2015. Since then, all of us who knew and loved Carey, and who supported her vision for Teal Toes, have struggled with her loss, including the loss of her leadership at Teal Toes.

Therefore, it is with great happiness that, after careful reflection, discussion, and regrouping, we announce this new chapter for Teal Toes. Ovarian cancer is a terrible disease with far reaching impacts for families. Heretofore, youth affected by it have had little voice. Sam aims to change that. According to Sam, “All these symptoms can easily just be dismissed and explained off as something minor, but if people know the symptoms, then they might go in and ask their doctors [to] get tested. And then we can catch the cancer in its early stages when it’s easier to [treat]”.
We hope youth everywhere will reach out to Sam and work with him to spread the word about: symptom awareness, the need for basic research and new treatments, and ways to make education and advocacy fun along the way.

If you would like to request free Teal Toes symptom cards or a salon packet, please contact Sam, and all of us at Teal Toes, at