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Sample Letter to Salons added to the "Spread the Word" page!

Download our sample letter asking salons to participate in Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month from the Spread the Word page. Feel free to customize this letter to fit your local needs.

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Conference

We are here at the Conference-- come visit our booth!

Yes, we do accept donations. Contact us for details....

We don't actively solicit donations but gratefully accept them to cover operating expenses. Our expenses are mostly postage for mailing out the symptom cards, as well as the cards themselves. Thank you for your interest and support!

No one objected so Teal Toes is now an officially registered trademark!!!

OC events posted on Facebook

Check out our list of OC events planned all over in the next few months. Go to and look under notes.

March is Ovarian Cancer Month in the UK!

Teal Toes™

The lawyers made us do it.

First, the good news:  We're trademarking the phrase Teal Toes™, and that's going to allow us to ensure that anyone else who uses the phrase does so in furtherance of our mission: to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

We're still working out how we want to allow people to use our trademark.  We're inclined to be liberal about it, because writing about Teal Toes™ helps to spread the word, and that's our mission.  The lawyers are helping us to craft a license that reflects that, and we hope to have it posted here soon.

All of that is good.  Hey, we like our lawyers.  They've done a ton of great work for us, pro bono, to help us get underway.  We could never have come so far without them.

Now the bad news, and you've probably already noticed it by now: the lawyers say that in order to protect our trademark of the phrase Teal Toes™, we have to assert our ownership of it every time we use it by adding the little ™ at the end of it.  We can no longer just write "Teal Toes™" without the "™":  it always has to be "Teal Toes™".  That's in our logos, text—everywhere.  The ™ can be small, but it has to be readable. (Once our trademark application is granted, the ™ will change to an ®, but same difference.)

So, we're sorry for that extra little bit of ugliness.  It's a price we pay to keep control of the Teal Toes™ idea and make sure it's always used to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

Teal Toes, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) exempt organization!

Effective July 7, 2009.

Barielle Wildflower Collection Benefitting OCRF Now Available!

Barielle has come out with a set of polishes benefiting OCRF. We are waiting to see them in person but All Lacqered Up has photos. There is at least one nice teal. But the best news is that the proceeds from this set ALL go to OCRF! Order directly from the OCRF store.


We have received the copyright registration for the Teal Toes™ logo!

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