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Teal Toes HQ is up and running again!

60-some hours with no electricity has put us behind in getting cards out and responding to queries-- we will get things out to you soon!

Ovations for the Cure has a new program for patients and survivors.

GORGEOUS Princess bead bracelet—take a look!

In Memory of Jean H. Dees

Teal Toes mourns the loss of Jean Dees. Donations made in her memory will further our educational efforts to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer so that other women might be spared. Our thoughts are with her friends and family. Teal Toes, 5200 Glenwood Road, Bethesda, MD 20814.

Updated list of polishes coming soon!

If you can't wait-- check it out here.

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N.E.D. the Band!

Filmmakers descended on Capitol Hill this week to capture the OCNA briefing with Congressional staffers. (will footage of my toes make the final cut?) Spark Media is producing a documentary to raise awareness of women's cancers. The film will be the furthest thing from facts and figures. In fact, it's stars are the rock n' roll band, N.E.D.—No Evidence of Disease—6 gyn oncologists from around the country who are making a difference with their music as well as their medicine. Want to help out the film? View the trailer and consider a donation.

Link to the Salon Honor Roll

We are trying to keep the list of salons participating in Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month up to date.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! Let's make it a good one!

Salon Honor Roll

A list of salons participating in Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month has been added to the Teal Toes Facebook page under notes. It will be coming soon to this site.....

Press Release added to the Spread the Word Page

Use this press release as a start with your local press. Add your personal story. Remember—Teal Toes are a great visual!

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