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It is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

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Welcome to Ovarian Cancer Month!

Our email problem has been fixed, so send us your card requests and we'll send 'em right out.

Lost some card requests

Some of the requests for cards that people have sent us through our contact page in the last month have gotten lost.  We're looking into the problem and hope to have it fixed soon.  Meanwhile, you may send card requests to  Be sure to tell us your mailing address! and we'll send some right out to you.

We send out cards

That's the main thing we do.  We send out at least 100,000/year. We just ordered another 50,000 to be ready for the September rush.

Our biggest cost, however is postage.  

The total cost to us of sending out 50 cards is $3.12.  For 100, $4.31 and for 200, $6.51.

We won!

The Teal Toes tree got the most votes at the Westfield Montgomery Festival of Trees! Thank you to all who were able to vote.  We will use the prize money to continue to spread our word.

Update on the Festival of Trees

The Teal Toes Tree at Westfield Montgomery Mall is currently leading in the vote tally!  Please let anyone you know in the DC area that they can vote for us until 12/24! See photos of the tree on our facebook page.

Teal Toes is participating in the Festival of Trees

Teal Toes is one of five charities who were asked to decorate a tree at the Westfield Montgomery Mall in Maryland.  The tree with the most votes will win $1500 but, even if we don't win, the Teal Toes tree, located right near Santa, will have served to raise awareness all season long.


Be sure to check our facebook page for photos of Teal Toes from all over!  Today we are featuring the South Tama Football team!

Salon packets have hit the mail!

We've mailed out 47 packets of Teal Toes materials (poster, table tents and cards) to salons all over the US (and one in Canada).  You can see what the materials look like on our facebook or pinterest pages.

Teal Nail Polish from Mary Kay!

Today is the relesae date for "Tempting Teal" by Mary Kay,  We have heard from many Mary Kay consultants that they are going to tie Teal Toes into their sales campaigns this month.  If you are a consultant who would like to do that, write to us via the "contact" button.  If you are looking to purchase Tempting Teal, you can find your local consultant via the Mary Kay website.

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